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Auto Accidents

Gainesville Car Accident Attorney

Should you or a loved one be involved in a car accident, allow the lawyers at the Law Office of Terry N. Silverman, P.A. in Gainesville, Florida to take on the burden of handling the legal issues that result from an auto accident. Your primary focus should be on getting better and tending to your injuries not taking time out of your life to fight with insurance companies.

Florida Car Accident Cases

Florida laws are different from most states when it comes to car accident cases. In Florida, we have what are commonly known as "No-Fault" laws that make handling an auto accident claim complicated. Should you suffer an injury as a result of an auto accident, rest assured that we have been handling these complex claims for over forty years and our firm has the experience and know-how to obtain the results you and your family deserve.

Gainesville & Ocala Car Accident Cases

Unlike most firms that simply focus on the personal injury portion of your car accident claim, our firm will handle every facet of your car accident case. Our office will make sure that your car is being repaired quickly and that you are provided with a rental car during the time it takes to repair your automobile or should your automobile be totaled. We also assist in negotiating down your medical bills so that you are not spending your free time constantly on the phone with hospital billing departments and debt collectors.

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Should you or someone you know suffer the misfortune of being involved in a car accident, please contact our office at 352-377-0770 and schedule a free consultation.

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